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Adams Peak, Hill Country


The Legend

Pilgrims have visited the conical mountain for well over 1000 years from Sri Lankan royalty to world famous explorers like Marco Polo, Alexander the Great and Ibn Battutah. From the two tracks on the mountain leading to the foot, one was used to be called the Baba Track and the other the Mama Track, meaning Adam and Eve. The Mama Track is easy and is the route by which the pilgrims return, but anyone who climbs by that way is not considered to have made the pilgrimage at all. The Baba Track is the more difficult and stiffer climb.


Former generations cut a sort of stairway on the mountain, to which they attached chains for climbers to hold on to. One such chain is the "Chain of the Profession of Faith", so called because when one reaches it and looks down to the foot of the hill, he is seized by apprehensions and recites the profession of faith for fear of falling.


The Expedition

This challenging expedition will be done in the off-season and as a night hike. The expedition team will set off at 6pm via Adams Trail. On this trail, rest stops could be found within every 1.5km. All rest stops have basic toilet facilities, which would act as the base camps until the final push up to the summit. Total elevation gain is at 2000m, an aprox of 9km with 13,000 steps. 


An interesting feature of this trail is that it cuts through the Peak Wilderness Sanctuary, home to the last remaining mountain elephant heard and leopards, amongst many other animals. After sunrise, the expedition party will descend v

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