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Colombo By Jeep

Colombo by Jeep, a novel experience

Colombo, the gateway to the east is a booming city with great diversity and cultural experiences. Adding colour to Colombo and the booming tourist industry in all other parts of the country is a fleet of open-to-air vehicles - Colombo by Jeep. The magnificent fleet of vehicles used in the World War era includes the 1948 Land Rover series 1. Colombo by Jeep is the best option for people who are willing to compromise comfort to try out this new concept of touring to discover the indescribable naturalistic, unseen and untouched raw beauty of Sri Lanka. Colombo by Jeep off-road adventure trips brings together outdoors, nature, wildlife and down to earth people who prefer something different to common sightseeing in an antique World War 2 Jeep with fantastic tours fit every budget that takes one to other worlds, in terms of nature and adventure on private trails.

The City tours in two open 1942 world war Jeeps with tailor-made tours to any part of Sri Lanka City tours, off-roading, water crossing, and adventure safaris on private trails from extreme to moderate conditions. There are unique and adventurous experience with basic training of off-road driving and recovery techniques while on tour, including night camping, night barbecues in picturesque venues overlooking lakes, rivers and sea. European tourists who visit Sri Lanka during winter with a prime objective is to sun bathe, don~t have to wait till they reach their hotel to do so as these open Jeeps, which they could get in a minute, will provide ample sunbathing while travelling to their destination with an option to protect themselves from rain.

These war classics offered at Colombo by Jeep are amphibious too. With eco-tourism becoming one of the fastest growing segments of tourism being in Sri Lanka for centuries, natural beauty and the lush greenery will attract more tourists if they could get a closer look with tours of this nature. Most importantly, Sri Lanka~s geographical diversity endows it with rich and varied wildlife, conserved in many national parks and other protected areas. Yala, Uda Walawe, Wasgomuwa and Wilpattu are among the most popular wild life parks. The beautiful and classic fleet of vehicles offered at Colombo by Jeep is capable of taking you to any part of the island. This is the first time in history of world tourism this type of antique Jeeps are used in tourism industry.


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