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Transcending the azure waters of the ocean, Pasikudah, Sri Lanka is one of the finest beaches in the East Coast. Positioned in the district of Batticalao, this scenic beach can also be accessed via Trincomalee. Situated within a six-hour drive away from the city of Colombo, Passikudah is a favourite amongst both natives and non-natives alike.

Enhancing its mesmerizing image, the beaches of Pasikudah are grained with marble coloured white dust. If fun under the sun is your holiday goals, look no further than Pasikudah. The crystalline waters of Sea invites’ you to experience an array of activities.


Surfing in Pasikudah is a popular aquatic activity. Nearly half the globe trotters visiting Paskiduah are there for this very sport. The friendly waves of sea provide to be the ideal surface for you to ride your board. Reputed to be one of the safest beaches in the island, Pasikudah is an apt choice for the beginner surfer.  There are reputed surfing events that take place here annually.

Snorkelling and Diving 

Home to a range of beautiful reefs of coral, Snorkelling in Pasikudah is a divine treat for the adventurous traveller. If you wish to seek a diving license or haven’t snorkelled before, there are a number of accredited instructors ready to facilitate you. The necessary gear is also readily available for purchase and for rental. 


The shallow area of the Pasikudah beach is an idyllic spot for you to go canoeing. Really explore the vivid splendour of the sea while canoeing across its ripples. The setting sun has never been closer nor more picturesque while paddling a canoe. A revitalising activity, the recluse traveller seeking for tranquillity amidst the active beaches of Pasikudah should definitely consider Canoeing.


Relished by international travellers hungry to feed their adrenaline, windsurfing at Pasikudah has been thriving. Combing surfing and sailing on one raft, windsurfing is a technical water sport, but once engaged in is a lot of fun. The cool winds of Pasikduah stroking your sun kissed body while you drift on the waves invites even amateur to try the sport. 

Enticing newlyweds, the romantic coastal area of the region is the perfect getaway for the honeymooning couple. Refining a walk on the beach to a fairy tale like venture, the dreamy ambience of Pasikudah is will make you fall in love again. 

The breath-taking beauty of the location, flaunting a number of hotels makes Pasikudah the ultimate destination retreat.


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