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If there was a recreational activity that guarantees fun for your entire group of friends it is without a doubt white water rafting. A popular excursion for both natives and non-natives alike, white water rafting at Kitulgala provides to be a thrilling excursion for the adventurous spirit.

Located 100 km from the bustling city of Colombo, Kitulgala is a little town positioned amidst Hatton and Awisawella. The Kelani river that flows all the way through to Kitulgala runs widely through it. However due to it being shallow, the river becomes the ideal base for some exciting aquatic sports such as swimming and rafting.

As a result, Kitulgala has acquired reputation for rafting. Day trippers can opt to either participate in white water rafting or flat water rafting. For the thrill seeking grownup white water rafting has always been given preference. Armed with safety gear and instructors, the experience usually entails rafting over major rapids and minor rapids. The latter rafting option is ideal for the leisure seeking family, as the raft floats leisurely on still waters is a safer alternative for kids.

Guests who have rafted claim the experience is electrifying and adrenaline pumping. It’s a sport that really enriches the spirit friendships and connection. Enhancing your moment and certifying that rafting in Sri Lanka is the coolest activity ever is the fact that the river in Kitulgala was where the movie The bride over the River Kwai was shot. 




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