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The Peradeniya Gardens

Inviting visitors to experience a hint of paradise on earth, the Peradeniya Botanical Gardens is one of the most beautiful gardens in Asia. Situated in the district of Kandy, the picturesque gardens are a favourite excursion of the local and international traveller. 

Its ethereal design finished with an arrangement of beautiful plants, trees and bushes, the Peradeniya gardens are a treat for any person. Stroll through landscaped pathways and you will find yourself in the gardens of Eden. Rows and rows of colourful flowers dancing to the cool wind emulates a divine ambience.

Formally referred to as the Royal Botanical Gardens, the territory here encompasses over 100 acres of luscious greenery. Nurturing over 4000 variety of flora, the gardens maintains an impressive range of orchids. Set near the Mahaweli river, the natural grandeur of the gardens is further enhanced by water pools and ponds supplied by the river. 

The history of the gardens is believed to be tied with Kandyan Kindom. King Wickrambahu III is said to have kept a court here while subsequently King Wimaladharma built a temple here as well. Despite its rich antiquity, the Peradeniya Gardens as it is known today was established by the British. Initially utilised to cultivate commercial crops such as coffee and cinnamon, the gardens as it is enjoyed today was first developed by its superintendent George Gardner.

Open all year long, the enchanting gardens make for an invigorating outing for the travelling family. 


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