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Back of Beyond Tangalle

If you are seeking for a conscientious stay on your holiday, look no further than Back of Beyond Kahadamodara. Situated in the region of Tangalle, Sri Lanka, the property is an eco-friendly delight to the intrepid traveller. 

Successfully utilising the innate features of the dry zone area of the country, Back of Beyond functions on natural resources. Impressing the international visitor, the electricity of the property operates on solar power. The buildings here are constructed using environmentally friendly material, while the surrounding area is filled with rich foliage. 

Encouraging lodgers to become one with nature, Back of Beyond provides a varying option of accommodations including villas, cottages and bungalows. Suitable for the travelling family, the Siyambala Bungalow and the Kohomba Cottage is positioned on a large lawn. Each of these units, hosts its own dining space. Named after The Siyambala Bungalow is a spacious chalet finished with four bedrooms, a pantry, living area and more. Enhancing its homely feeling, the entrance of the bungalow basks in the shade of a Siyambala tree. The Kohomba Cottage is complete with a bedroom, separate dining and living area. A favourite of honeymooners, the cottage maintains a plunge pool and a rooftop with a spectacular view. 

Indulging the long-term guest with the ultimate abode, the villas at Back of Beyond built with a kitchenette, dining room, work space and more. Supporting the beauty of the Bulu Villa is the adjacent estuary. For the travelling group seeking for longer experience in ecological glory, the Debara Villa is vast enough to meet the living requirements of seven adults. A serene escape for visitors, the veranda is placed adjacent to the bay. 

Food is a freshly prepared affair at Back of Beyond Kahadamodara. Growing fruit and vegetables in their very own garden, the residence proudly provides for several garden-fresh dishes. Catering to the discerning palette, guests are even invited to pick their produce from the garden. Tantalising your taste buds, Sea Sand Restaurant offers both local and western cuisine. Seafood dishes prepared by the kitchen are based on the fish that is freshly sourced from the nearby bay. The adventurous foodie can even join the staff and fish for their own food at the river. 

Travellers can unite with their exquisite environment during their stay. A number of thrilling activities including cycling and walking can be done here with ease. Calm yours senses amidst the quiet aura of the region by practising your yoga at the airy bamboo thatched yoga centre. Taking advantage of the adjoining water reserves aquatic sports such as kayaking, boating and swimming have become a pastime of guests. 

Idyllically positioned within accessible distance of the Ussangoda National Reserve, the turtle conservation project at Rakewa, and the Bundala National Park, Back of Beyond Kahadamodara is the preferred choice of the thrill-seeking traveller. 

An exceptional retreat for the nature loving traveller, Back of Beyond Kahadamodara is an eco-friendly luxurious refuge. 


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