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Fort Hammenhiel Resort

Captivating both the native and international traveller, the quiet region of Jaffna, Sri Lanka is distinct in culture. Embodying this aura, the Fort Hammenhiel is one of the foremost hotels in the region. Intriguing visitors since inception, the hotel is developed on an actual fort. Initially built by the Portuguese in the 17th century, the fort was renovated to secure military standards by the Dutch and was thus renamed Fort Hammenhiel.

The accommodation at Fort Hemmenhiel, invites you to submerge yourself in history. Maintaining four spacious suites complete with necessary amenities, the resort provides to be an ideal stay for the discerning traveller. Catering to the needs of the adventurous visitor, Fort Hammenhiel presents unique accommodation. The dungeon of the fort is refurbished with beds and is able to facilitate a stay for a travelling group. 

A highlight of the property is its mesmerizing location. Immersed in luxurious seclusion, the hotel is poised on an island. Surrounded by the crystalline waters of the Indian ocean, the hotel is an ideal lodging for the summer loving traveller. Hosting a row of sun chairs on the terrace, guests here have uninterrupted access to the lovely sea shore. 

Desiring you to enjoy the features of an exotic island, the restaurant and the bar is based on the mainland. Guests are treated to a short boat ride to the restaurant and in time to savour delicious dishes. Here authentic Jaffna cuisine is available for both the native and non-native foodie. 

Glowing underneath the starry skies, the Fort Hammenheil is an exquisite sanctuary for holidaymakers. 


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