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Indulging you with a seamless view of the grand Citadel of Sigiriya, the Kassapa Lions Rock Hotel has been a favourite of the discerning traveller since inception. Situated within close proximity to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Kassapa is one of the finest three star hotels in Sigiriya, Sri Lanka.

A private getaway for holidaymakers, the accommodation at the hotel divided in to chalets. Each of these chalets are finished with elegant wooden furnishings. Complete with modern amenities such as air conditioning, an opulent bathroom, laundry services, the chalets provide for a comfortable stay. 

Serving dishes of both local and international cuisine, dining at Kasapa Hotel is a scrumptious experience. Utilizng freshly sourced ingredients, meals are served hot as it is done on request. The open restauraunt at the hotel is also where the weary traveller can unwind after an invigorating day at the Fortress of Sigiriya. Here guests can sip a cool cocktail or even a glass of red wine and enjoy the picturesque view of the fortress and the Pidurangala Rock. The signature drink, the Arrack Punch is a favourite of the foodie traveller. 

Enjoy the serenity of the region further and take to private dining. Creating a romantic ambience, mouth-watering meal are served a la fresco. 

Enrich your vacation by checking at the Kassapa Hotel’s Ayurveda Spa. Practising the ancient art of wellness, the spa is one of the foremost venues for Ayurveda treatments. Providing a wide range of treatments including Herbal Oil Treatments, Facial Treatments, Herbal Baths and more, the spa is equipped to revitalise your entire being. Relax amidst the warm ambience of Sigiriya and take a relaxing dip in the hotel’s large swimming pool. 

A haven for the intrepid traveller, the Kassapa Lions Rock Hotel invites you to unwind in its scenic setting after exhilarating day of exploring. 


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