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Pioneers in the local camping scene, Kulu Safari are known globally for their tented safari experience. Dedicated to satisfy the avid wild life enthusiasts dreams, the Safari specialists are known to provide the ultimate safari experience. 

‘Kulu’ or ‘Untamed’ is the way these environment friendly experts prefer to go. Crafted in South Africa by one of the world’s leading safari outfitters, the tents are spacious accommodations. Raised on a wooden platform, each tent includes a small deck and en suite bathrooms with hot and cold showers. The Yala Kulu Camp is placed in multiple blocks. However, for the long staying guest the Lunugamvehera National Park Kulu campsite is the most suitable option. Visitors wanting to explore the Wilpattu National Park, Kulu Safari provides their spacious bungalow situated closeby. 

The favourite of documentary makers, ‘Kulu’ has in the past partnered with international production houses of National Geographic, BBC Natural history, Travel & Living and more. Their expertise on the location and geared with a state of the art logistical efficiency has enabled most of these houses to make state of the art nature documentaries. 

Passionate about their work, Kulu is determined to tread lightly and by taking cautionary measures regarding the environment. One of the significant features of Kulu is their reluctance to use plastic. By limiting waste, guests are offered water in reusable glass bottles. Power to is largely depended on solar and rechargeable batteries.  

Safari may not  be your taste but don’t worry, Kulu offers a number of activities such kayaking and informative treks conducted by naturalists. 

If your love for the wild is as deep as ‘Kulu’ then it’s clear that your obvious choice for tented safari should be with these specialists. 


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