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A bespoke experience of an unparalleled level, Leopard Trails introduces you to the unseen world of mother nature. Merging everything deluxe with the great outdoors, the camping experience offered by Leopard Trails is maintains long forgotten spirit of safari. 

The accommodation in the form of luxurious tents can be identified in two categories. There are two campsites in the country’s foremost national parks – the Yala National Parka and the Wilpattu National Park. A deluxe stay amidst the wilderness, the campsites at the Wilpattu National Park maintains standard classic tents. Preserving an old-world charm, the tents are finished with necessary amenities including an opulent bed, linen, chairs, a living area and even an outdoor rainwater shower. 

Dedicated to indulge the thrill-seeking traveller, the campsites at the Yala National Park boast of an ‘old world hospitality with a contemporary flair’. An accommodation fit for royalty, the luxurious tents are complete with carpeting and lavish furniture. There are two types of tents here, the mobile ones and the stationary ones. Both of these tent types have air conditioning facilities and flushable bathrooms. A swanky stay for the exclusive guest, these tents ensure your safari experience is an exceptional one.

Catering to your ravenous appetite, food at the Leopard Trails is mouth-watering delight. Serving you authentic Sri Lankan cuisine in the great jungle, meals are a gastronomical affair. Freshly sourced ingredients are utilised and each dish is made instantly. Eating has never been more glorious a task except at Leopard Trails.

An appealing trait to the conscientious globetrotter is leopard trails dedication to responsible tourism. The man power involved to keep you happy is founded in the location itself. Employing specialists from the locale, and sourcing food supplies from the vicinity, Leopard Trails is committed to community development. Keeping in mind to preserve the surroundings as undisturbed as possible, Leopard Trails ensures to active steps to conserve and reuse whenever necessary. 

Escape in to the extraordinary, and experience tailormade opulence amidst the woods.


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