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Dive in to the depths of a nature with Mahoora. Instead of dwelling between concrete walls, Mahoora invites wild life enthusiasts live in harmony in the great outdoors. Your safari experience is elevated to an exceptional excursion. 

Mahoora campsites are found in nearly every national park in Sri Lanka. The extensive list includes popular haunts such as the Yala National Park, the Sinharaja Rain Forest, the Knuckles Mountain Range, the Wilpattu National Park, the Minneriya National Park and more. Catering to the thrill-seeking traveller, Mahoora provides an Explorer Tented Safari Camp. The roomy tent retains a comfortable bed, shoe rack, foldable chairs and other necessary amenities. The arrangement also includes an adjacent stat of the art bathroom finished with adequate fittings. An accommodation fit for royalty, the Mahoora Elite Tented Safari Camp, the interior is furnished high quality carpeting. This spacious lodging encompasses a bedroom, living area and an en-suite bathroom. 

Conveniently the tents offer safari packages to its guests. This will entail a comfortable vehicle, a naturalist and refreshments for the adventure. 

Each of these camps are based in strategic locations. Constantly under the watchful care of naturalists, and trained specialists the selected area is safe for both adults and children. A memorable experience for the entire family, Mahoora invites you to really enjoy the exquisite features of the wilderness together as a team.

Heaven on earth, Mahoora gracefully blends modern with the mesmerising wilderness. 


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