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The intrepid traveller wanting to trek the great outdoors should look no further than Sir John’s Bungalow. Placed within the mountain range in Riverstone, the Bungalow is a stunning accommodation for the nature loving visitor.

Embodying the innate beauty of the Knuckles Range, Sir John’s Bungalow stands as a glorious structure. Quietly merging itself with its surroundings, the Bungalow is over hundred years old. Maintaining antique settings, it preserves a luxurious colonial ambience. Complete with five spacious rooms, the Bungalows are an inviting option for the solitary traveller and the travelling family. Four rooms at the Bungalow have the voluminous capacity of hosting 4-5 people, as opposed to the remaining room that is capable of indulging the travelling couple. 

Roomy yet simplistic, the rooms are laid out to cater to the guests basic needs of the lodger. The rooms are finished with beds furnished with good linen, expansive bathrooms with hot and cold water, and more. The Bungalow is complete with living room, reading seats by the windows, and a well maintained garden 

Food is a freshly prepared experience here at Sir John’s Bungalow. The in-house cook is a specialist in both local and western cuisine. For formal dining there is dining room inside the bungalow. However, during breakfast and lunch times, food is generally served picturesque outside. A hot meal enjoyed coupled with an un interrupted view of the scenic region makes meal times momentous. 

Proudly exhibiting an idyllic location, Sir John’s Bungalow provides to be the ultimate base for your trekking and hiking excursions of the Knuckles mountain range. The Bungalow is fully equipped to cater to the global traveller, and is ready with packed food to ensure your excursion is a powered one. The thrill seeking globetrotter staying at the Bungalow can also make their way to Wasgamuwa National Park and even hike Mini World’s End. 

Conserving the precious serenity of the vicinity, the Bungalows functions on solar power. A favourite of the conscientious traveller, Sir John’s Bungalow is a spectacular escape. 


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