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Habarana - Serenity with Stunning Scenery

The invigorating little city of Habarana is found in the district of Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka. Merging with its natural surroundings, the region is a picturesque delight for the globe trotter. Centrally located from the Minneriya National Park, Habarana has been a centre for the avid safari lover. 

The settings of Habarana are tranquil and traditional. It is also an important landmark for holidaymakers who wish to visit the historical regions of Sigiriya, Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa and Mihintale.

A visit to Habarana requires 4 ½ hour drive from the commercial capital of Colombo.  


Attractions in Habarana

Boasting of an accessible position in the district of Anuradhapura, Habarana provides to be the ideal base for your excursions. 

Safari to Minneriya National Park

Placed around 10 km away from Habarana, the Minneriya National Park is a treat for wildlife enthusiasts. The park, famous for a large number of inhabitant elephants is one is also an Important Bird Area in Sri Lanka.

Elephant Back Safari

The most popular excursion in Habarana is the Elephant Back Safari. An experienced mahout will facilitate your ride and guide you along the way. Explore the beauty of the region on a magnificent beast. 


An hour away from Habarana, Ritigala is an important historical and religious site in Anuradhapura. An ancient Buddhist monastery found on the rocky hill of Ritigala is a primary attraction for the culture thirsty traveller. 

Habarana Lake

The sparkling Habarana Lake is one of the most breath taking regions in Sri Lanka. Boasting of a bio diversity of its own, the Habarana Lake is a stunning sight for travellers. Defining ‘serenity’, the lake has been a popular haunt for photographers. 


Here at Hiriwadunna guests can experience the everyday life of a resident. A bullock cart ride to Hiriwadunna paired with an authentic culinary experience is scheduled in your excursion. Here you will savour a typical Sri Lankan meal made utilising traditional crockery.




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