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Hikkaduwa - The Ultimate Hub for Globetrotters

Sri Lanka’s beloved holiday destination, Hikkaduwa is the ultimate hub for the international traveller. Requiring a mere two-hour drive from Colombo, Hikkaduwa boasts of golden sands and a friendly shoreline. 

Densely populated with non-natives, the region preserves a casual ambience. On the main road, there is a stretch of stores, eateries and budget & high end hotels.  A wide range of clothing including both single and two-piece swim wear, a vivid range of beach sarongs, wraps, and even batik wear. The selection does include both women’s and menswear. The streets also maintain jewellery shops retailing both silver and gold jewellery studded with precious and semi-precious stones. 

A wide selection of restaurants to roadside stalls, serve freshly prepared food. A food haven for the ravenous traveller, cafes offering a range of coffee, scrumptious seafood, and many western dishes are found in abundance. However, the favourite of both natives and the non-natives is ‘roti’. A carefully prepared flat bread stuffed with cheese and a seafood or meat of your choice. The melting tones of cheese combines with tempered meat is a mouth-watering delight.

Catering to the long stay and short stay holidaymaker, Hikkaduwa maintains a numerous variety of accommodations. From star class resorts to guest houses, there is an accommodation that suits every kind of budget! 

The casual aura combined with its exotic beach, Hikkaduwa is where you can unwind in complete bliss for weeks or even years on end. 


Attractions in Hikkaduwa

The region alone provides for an exqusite holiday. However, there are a few highlights here worth exploring.

Hikkaduwa Marine National Park

Found few a yards away from the Hikkaduwa Beach, the Hikkaduwa Marine National Park is where you can get a glimpse of the marine life of Sri Lanka. To get crystal clear look at the vivid life underwater, there are stalls by the beachside renting snorkelling gear. You can view a variety of coral reef and exotic fish here. If swimming isn’t your preference you can also rent out a glass bottom boat to check this fantastic scene out.

The Sea Turtle Hatchery

A treat for any animal lover, the Sea Turtle Hatchery in Hikkaduwa rescues and rare sea turtles. Found north of the railway station, the hatchery complete with colourful illustrations on its wall is a hard to miss! Though you’re not allowed to dip your hands in to the tank, the trained officer there will hold out a turtle for you to pet.

Seenigama Muhudu Maha Viharaya

An ideal excursion for the culture thirsty traveller, the Seenigama Muhudu Maha Viharaya is located ten minutes away from the Hikkaduwa town. Dedicated to the God Devol, the temple is constructed on a little islet a few yards away from the beach. A visit to the temple is facilitated via a boat ride.

Naga Vihara 

Enhance your cultural experience  by visiting the Naga Viharaya. The tranquil temple is ideal for a relaxing stroll. Unlike its simplistic exterior, the interior of the temple is finished with enigmatic sculptures of the sleeping Buddha and more.

Tsunami Community Museum 

If you wish to return from your holiday a little more informative, a visit to the Tsunami Community Museum should definitely be included in your travel plan. The graphic images of the devastation caused by the boxing day tsunami in 2004 can be viewed here.


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