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Sri Lanka Travel Guide for Best Tours in Sri Lanka

Home to some of the most intriguing places, beautiful beaches and people who are reputed to be the warmest and hospitable in the world, Sri Lanka is truly a dream destination for the avid traveler. This beautiful country has lots to offer to tourists and its richness and beauty evokes a feeling of contentment, peace and bliss in its visitors. Marco Polo stated that he considered Sri Lanka to be the finest island of its size in all the world and you’ll likely agree after exploring its fabled delights. Despite being so small in size, it offers a diversity that is unmatched by any other.

Picturesque landscapes, a warm culture and endemic wildlife and more, Sri Lanka is indeed a true paradise for visitors. With an amazing number of attractions from sunny gold and white sanded beaches, mysterious and ancient cities, beautiful fauna and flora, finest handicrafts, world famous gems, colourful festivals and people famous for their warmth and hospitality it is a great tourist destination and paradise.

Visitors are often spoilt for choice given the amount of attractions that Sri Lanka has to offer. One of the best things about Sri Lanka is that all major tourist attractions in Sri Lanka are just a few hours’ drive away from each other. A perfect mix of history, culture and modernity, Sri Lanka today thrives through its deep-rooted traditions and a personality that draws so many back time and again.


For the traveller who likes to experience something special, we believe that Sri Lanka would be an ideal and mind blowing destination. Steuart Holidays assigns none other than best and most experienced chauffeurs to your trip keeping in mind that our topmost concern is your safety and relaxation. Our chauffeurs who know the country inside out ensure that you are not stressed out by all the travel and rushing around which make your Sri Lankan experience exceptional and your holiday more satisfying.

The Steuart Holidays crew provides transport from airport to wherever you want to proceed to as well. Regardless of whether you want to go on an excursion or an island trip or have a specialized driver guide for your beach stays. Choosing the vehicle which is the best suit for the tour will ensure you travel comfortably in the Sri Lankan country roads. We also get our drivers to follow the Steuart Holidays drivers code to ensure our valued customers are well looked after during the tour.


sri-lanka-climateWhile Sri Lanka is a year round destination, the finest time of the year for the western and southern beaches of the island is December to March. While there may be occasional showers, most days are sunny and temperate. Between April and July it becomes humid and hot in the western and Southern areas. However during this period but on eastern coast of Sri Lanka, the weather will be fine with the beaches amazingly inviting. Sri Lanka has two monsoons and two different climates in a space less than 300 kilometres across.

Generally, upland areas of Sri Lanka are cooler and more temperate, with a yearly average around 14-20ºC (55-68ºF), and coastal areas are warmer with average temperatures around 27ºC (80ºF). The March-June season experiences slightly higher temperatures (up to 34ºC / 94ºF), while the temperatures in November-January are a few degrees lower (around 24ºC / 75ºF at the coast). Sri Lanka weather along the shores is made more comfortable by cooling sea breezes. The surrounding sea remains rather constant at roughly 27ºC (80ºF) year-round. Humidity is typically rather high in Sri Lanka, averaging out at around 80% year-round.

As the nation is located in the tropics, Sri Lanka weather can be severely affected by an El Niño. Though this irregular climate change only occurs around every three to seven years, the area’s weather can be altered for an extended time in effect. In the presence of a strong El Niño, expect a chance of drought conditions during the March-August months and possible flooding September-November. Floods regularly hit Sri Lanka, particularly in the south-western region, so it may be wise to avoid the area during the wet season.

Sri Lanka climate can be at its most enjoyable in the drier seasons; the best time to travel to the west, south and upland areas of the island is during December to March, while the recommended travel season for the east coast region is April to September.

The most popular season for tourism is between December and March, when the country attracts Europeans fleeing the Northern Hemisphere’s winter weather. Christmas and the New Year are particularly popular for a Sri Lankan holiday, while July and August represent festival season on the island – if travelling during either time it is recommended to book well in advance to guarantee accommodation.


Most countries including UK, Ireland, United States, Germany, France, Nether-lands, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden and India can holiday in Sri Lanka as tourists for up to 30 days. It’s always better to contact the Sri Lankan High Commission in your country of domicile and confirm.

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