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Adventure Galore

Adventure Galore 

Sri Lanka is blessed with a variety of fascinating ecological features. This tour comprises of treks to rainforests, climbing Adams Peak and observing the wild in two of the foremost national parks in the country – Yala and Udawalawe. Insisting that you envisage the royalty of the local coastal line, the tour has scheduled in a Dolphin and Whale Watching excursion in Mirissa. 

It was also important for us to ensure your experience contained a pinch of culture and heritage. Subsequently, we steam rolled ahead and included a visit to the sacred Temple of the Tooth Relic in Kandy and an exciting excursion to the Galle Fort. An unbeatable expedition, the Nature Explorer is designed to indulge for the nature loving traveller. 


A Trek to the Sinharaja Forest

Safari to the Udawalawe National Park

Adams Peak

The Kitulgala Rainforest

The Yala National Park

Whale & Dolphin Watching in Mirissa

Day 1 – Negombo 

Welcome to Sri Lanka! You will be met by a representative of George Steuart Travels at the Bandaranaike International Airport. Your short transition to Negombo will take place immediately afterwards.

Highlight – complete with a picturesque shoreline, the coastal city of Negombo has much to offer the international traveller. Essentially a fishing village, the city traces its origins to mythical beginnings. However due to its importance during colonial occupation, visitors can view grand edifices such as the Dutch Fort and the Dutch Canal. Negombo is also known to serve scrumptious dishes of freshly prepared seafood. 

Overnight stay in Negombo.


Day 2 – Kandy 

After a quick breakfast, you will be transferred to Kandy. On your way to Kandy, you can visit the Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage.

Highlight -  an adorable excursion for both the native and the non-native traveller, the Pinnawela Orphanage is home to a number of orphaned elephants and their brood. A delight for any animal lover, the orphanage permits you to participate in everyday activities such as bathing and feeding the elephants under the watchful eye of the mahout. 

Highlight – the distinct identity of Kandy is unexposed to the curious wanderer. The tranquil city boasts of architecture and art that belongs to the region. Enhancing your stay further, Kandy preserves a rich heritage that invites you to discover a turbulent past. A visit to the sacred temple of the tooth relic will unveil the unique glory of Sri Lanka’s culture capital. 

Having reached Kandy, you can visit the Temple of the Tooth Relic, and spectate the cultural show in the evening.

Overnight stay in Kandy.


Day 3 – Kandy

Energise yourself with a generous breakfast. Your trekking excursion of Hanthana will take place afterwards.

Overnight stay in Kandy. 


Day 4 – Adams Peak

Gorge on a warm breakfast before taking your train to Hatton. After you reach Hatton, you will be taken to Slightly Chilled Guest House where you will be able to unwind until your evening climb. 

Highlight -  the spiritual background of Adams Peak invites thousands of visitors every year. Believed that Adams initial foot print was placed here after he was evicted from heaven, and that Lord Buddha left his sacred foot print here before leaving to heaven, Adams Peak is an important site for devotees. It has become a popular excursion in general, as the climb provides spectacular views of the skyline and serendipity. 

Overnight stay at Adams Peak. 


Day 5 – Kitulgala

Breakfast at ease. Subsequently your transfer to Kitulgala will transpire. Having arrived at Kitulgala early enough you will be able to trek the rainforest here. 

Highlight – A hub for the intrepid traveller, Kitulgala maintains a popular reputation for white water rafting. Bordering on the shallow banks of the Kelani River and rich with natural vegetation, the region is visually beautifully. Teasing your interest more, Kitulgala was also where they shot the internationally acclaimed film – The Bridge on the River Kwai.

Overnight stay in Kitulgala.


Day 6 – Sinharaja

After breakfast resume your tour and head towards Sinharaja.

Highlight – the largest rainforest in Sri Lanka, Sinharaja is an extraordinary experience for the nature loving traveller. It is one of the few remaining virgin rainforests in the world and is recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Preserving a remarkable ecology, the forest is inhabited by vast number of birds, reptiles and insects.

Overnight stay in Sinharaja.


Day 7 – Sinharaja

Energise yourself with a warm breakfast and resume exploring more of the Sinharaja Forest. 

Overnight stay in Sinharaja.


Day 8 – Udwalawe

Breakfast at ease. Your transition to Udawalawe will take place afterwards.

Highlight – igniting your passion to observe the wild, the Udawalawe National Park is popular for its resident heard of Sri Lankan Elephants. A favourite of wild life photographers, Udawalawe is lightly vegetated. As a result, observing elephants, the sambar deer, wild buffaloes and if you are lucky even the Sri Lankan Leopard can be done with a lot more ease and clarity. 

Overnight stay in Udawalawe. 


Day 9 – Yala 

After a generous breakfast, your comfortable transfer to Yala will take place.

Highlight – reserving over 900 km of lush forestry, the Yala National Park is a must visit for the avid safarist. Members of this grand environment include the famous Sri Lankan Leopard, the Sri Lankan Leopard and over 200 bird species. Encompassing a vast amount of territory, the Yala National Park is whole with six national parks. 

Arriving at Yala at a suitable time will allow you to take the evening safari.

Overnight stay in Yala.


Day 10 – Yala 

Indulge in a solid breakfast and then resume your Yala National Park experience. Spend the entire day on your Yala Safari

Overnight stay in Yala.


Day 11 -  Mirissa

Feast on a delicious breakfast. You will be transported to Mirissa immediately afterwards.

Highlight – synonymous with whale watching, Mirissa is a favourite of both the native and global traveller. The season between November until April, and July and October is when you get witness these magnificent beasts of the sea. The shoreline of Mirissa is friendly and invites the thrill-seeking adventurer to engage in a number of aquatic sports. 

Overnight stay in Mirissa.


Day 12 – Galle

After a quick breakfast, you will be transported to the Mirissa port. Here you will be taken on your whale and dolphin watching expedition. Afterwards your steady transfer to the historical city of Galle. 

Highlight – maintaining a well preserved Dutch Galle Fort, the city of Galle is an enchanting treat for holidaymakers. Reminiscing the streets of Europe, the pathways of the fort are paved. Providing you with an insight of the colonial occupation during the Dutch era, the Fort is complete with relevant sites including the Dutch Reform Church, the Maritime Museum and more. 

Overnight stay in Galle.


Day 13 – Colombo 

Breakfast at ease. Your transfer to Colombo will take place subsequently. En route you will be able to explore the Galle Fort and visit the Madu River.

Highlight – parading the features of industrial city, Colombo is the commercial capital of Sri Lanka. A melting pot, the city maintains a captivating multi-cultural ambience. Its rich history is deeply tied with colonialism, especially during the British occupation. Reserving a vibrant nightlife, Colombo is finished with nightclubs, casinos, cafes and restaurants. 

Overnight stay in Colombo.


Day 14 

After a hefty breakfast, your transfer to the Bandaranaike International Airport will take place immediately, where you will take place your return flight back home. 


**This itinerary can be customised according to your preference. Contact Steuart Holidays for assistance** 




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