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Honeymoon Bliss

A honeymoon on this beautiful island with a welcome two nights at a beach resort immediately after your arrival, prior to the commencement of your tour. Sightseeing is kept to the most essential and romantic excursions to allow you to enjoy your stay at upgraded and superior accommodation in some of Sri Lanka’s most luxurious hotels. The tour includes a stay in the Cultural Triangle visiting all of its fascinating temples and ancient cities including the impressive Sigiriya Rock Fortress. 

After relaxing for a few days at the pretty town of Kandy you will take a train journey through the wonderful tea covered Hill Country and stay in a tea estate bungalow overnight. Lovely winding roads take you down to the lowlands through magnificent scenery to reach the island’s famous tropical beaches. A beach stay in addition to this tour will make a memorable 2 week honeymoon in Sri Lanka. We highly recommended for anyone who wishes to do a honeymoon tour Sri Lanka in a relaxed fashion.

Highlights of the tour

  • Explore the Nooks and Crannies of Negombo
  • Washing and Bathing with the Elephants
  • Elephant Safari in Minneriya
  • Climb the Sigiriya Rock Fortress
  • Hill Country Train Ride

Day 1

Relax on arrival at Negombo. Negombo is a beach resort that is just 15 minutes from Colombo Airport, so is a great option for a quick stopover option in Sri Lanka. It is the island’s largest resort with a large number of guesthouses, bars and restaurants lining the wide sandy beach to the north of the town.

Day 2

Explore this Dutch Era town and its nooks and crannies. Negombo has a very cosmopolitan feel, with a great mix of holidaymakers from many nationalities at budget to luxury levels. There are some lovely sunset boat rides that are easily arranged locally on the Negombo Lagoon. The marshes and mangroves on the fringes contain a wealth of wildlife, including ferocious crocodiles!

Day 3

Leave for Dambulla, the cultural center of Sri Lanka. Enroute visit to the Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage. Pinnawela is Sri Lanka’s most visited attraction, and provides a very relaxed place to spend a few hours watching elephants. It is home to the largest group of orphaned Elephants in the world!  Most of the 70 animals have been found injured or abandoned in the wild. Depending on the time of day, you can watch the little baby calves some only a few weeks old are fed by bottle and the whole herd is then bathed in the adjoining river. A not to be missed experience. You will then go bathing and riding with elephants at The Millennium Elephant Foundation which is a charitable foundation next to the elephant orphanage that looks after the welfare of domesticated elephants in Sri Lanka. There are around 7 elephants here. You have a chance to try an Elephant Ride and even bathe with one of their elephants! Proceed to Dambulla for your overnight stay

Day 4

Today you will visit the Golden Cave Temple at Dambulla. The five Cave Temples of Dambulla are a series of rock temples that have been hewn from a gigantic boulder that contain a very beautiful collection of sculptures, paintings and frescoes from various periods of the island’s history. The Temple Of The Great Kings is the biggest and most spectacular cave temple with over 150 statues and 1500 paintings! The ceilings and walls are covered by the finest murals to be seen in Sri Lanka. Evening visit to the Minneriya National Park

Day 5

Checkout and proceed to the magnificent Sigiriya Rock Fortress.

The amazing rock fortress of Sigiriya is often listed as 8th Wonder Of The Ancient World and is easily the most impressive historic sight in Sri Lanka. You enter through The Royal Pleasure Gardens with a series of ponds and landscaped terraces until the ascent of the rock fortress begins through a series of dramatic staircases. Hidden half-way is a cave that reveals the Sigiriya Frescoes. This is Sri Lanka’s premier artistic treasure and is a must for all visitors. If you have a head for heights, you can reach the top via the gigantic Lions Paws, which are the remnants of a huge stone lion that used to guard the entrance. There are stunning views of the forested plains below from the top. Proceed to Kandy with a stop at the Spice Gardens at Matale.

Day 6 

Leave on a city tour of Kandy. Delightfully located in a valley surrounded by hills, Kandy was the last capital of the ancient kings. The UNESCO protected Old Town area is a lovely place for an afternoon walk along a maze of streets leading to the Temple Of The Buddha’s Tooth and the Kandy Lake, magnificently framed against forest clad hills in the background. Visit The Temple Of The Buddha’s Tooth in the evening, for the ‘’pooja ceremony’’ that starts around 6:30 pm. At this time crowds gather to offer flowers and prayers to the sacred relic in the inner sanctum and the temple drummers are in full swing – a magical experience.

Day 7 

Leave for Nuwara Eliya by Train Through the Hill Country. The Highland Queen leaves Kandy Railway Station for a spectacular journey through the Hill Country. There are lovely views of waterfalls and tea estates among the glorious scenery of the Great Western mountain range. Clients are booked on the super luxury Expo Carriage or the Observation Car when available. Sri Lanka’s ‘Little England’ in the hills where British tea planters of yesteryear recreated an English ‘country life’ of manor houses, golfing, race courses and ‘afternoon tea’ at the Hill Club. 

Day 8 

Checkout and transfer to the beach. Enroute stop at the Devon And St Clair’s Falls. The spectacular descent of the Hill Country towards Sri Lanka’s beaches passes two of the island’s most famous waterfalls, Devon and St Clair’s Falls, which are easily viewed from the roadside. The Mlesna Tea Centre overlooking St Clair’s Tea Estate has a nice viewing platform and a Tea Museum. A great place to stop for a cup of tea.

Kithulgala - Optional

Kithulgala is a very pretty location with tropical rainforest and luxuriant vegetation in the valley of the Kelani River. This is where Sir David Lean’s classic wartime film Bridge On The River Kwai was filmed. You will have the opportunity to go whitewater rafting.

Proceed to the beach hotel of your choice.

Day 9 - Day 13

A beach stay on Sri Lanka’s famous palm fringed coastline combined in addition to this tour will make for an excellent 2-week honeymoon on the island.

Day 14

Depart Sri Lanka.

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