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Hot Air Ballooning

Feel the excitement as you lift off and drift effortlessly over the spectacular scenery. As the climbing goes on unnoticed, find yourself amidst endless horizons of rugged mountains and green fields with only the burners to disturb the peace. Watch your pilot gradually lower the balloon until it is just inches above the evergreen trees as you pick leaves or touch the tree tops, spot a bird or an animal walking to the daybreak.

Air Ballooning is an experience unlike traditional air travel, where you cannot feel movement and the silence is absolute. Leaving you to enjoy the surroundings with utmost serenity and peace.

Since flights average about an hour or so and the whole excursion is up to about 3 ½ hours from the time of pick up to the time you are dropped back at your hotel. Where the hot air balloon flies is always in the direction of the wind and no two flights are the same. Of course, Hot Air Ballooning flights are subjected to weather conditions on the scheduled day. An early morning wakes up call confirms the ride. If a flight is canceled in view of the bad weather, payment will be refunded.

The destination or the exact route of a Hot Air Ballooning cannot be predicted since the flight is subjected to as the wind direction. Since it is little warmer high up in the air, the hot air ballooning enthusiasts are advised to dress casually. A hat or cap to shade you from the sun is an excellent idea. Closed toe shoes are recommended in view of the limited floor space of the wicker basket.

Hot Air Ballooning trips are operated during November to May, as the winds are light and the sky is at its bluest. 


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