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Dolphin Watching

Dolphin Watching, Kalpitiya


Explore the Puttalam Lagoon- home of the Pink Dolphins- for its varied marine life, pelagic birds and stunning views. The vast expanse of Blue Ocean is abundant with dolphins, turtles, mantra rays. Not to mention the whales that might wow you with a big splash. For 7-8 hours you will get to see them all, with just a bit of luck on your side! Dive into South Asia s largest coral reef and be enthralled by the myriad of marine wonders. For snorkeling enthusiast this promises a one-of -a kind glimpse into the aquatic world.


As a privileged cruiser on board the Dutch Bay Princess’, you are provided the comforts of teakwood benches, large sundeck, toilet and fresh water shower facilities. Refreshments and tasty meals on board for a capacity up to 20 passengers, makes it ideal convenience for your extended family- kids to grandparents included. 




0630h - Meet up at Kalpitiya Harbour.

0700h - Departure from Harbour through Puttalam & Dutch Bay Lagoon (Breakfast on the top deck.) Travel approximately 15 Nautical miles to the deep blue. Spend 3-4 hours in search of Dolphins, Whales, Pelagic Birds, and Turtles etc.

1200h - Arrive at Bar Reef. Spend 1 hour Snorkeling & Skin Diving

1300h - Lunch on the lower deck and return to Harbour 

1500h - Arrive at the Harbour


What is included; Light Breakfast including savoury & fruits, chilled refreshments, bottled drinking water, cold & hot lunch snacks, guided snorkelling at bar reef (even non-swimmers), & much more.
What is excluded; Snorkelling gear, meals & refreshments not mentioned, towels, dry bags for your electronics and transport.
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