Visa & Immigration

Sri Lanka has an online visa system for all travellers arriving in Sri Lanka and visitors need to apply for the Electronic Travel Authorization via Visa on arrival is also possible, but it could cause long delays as well as a minor surcharge to the applicable visa fees. If you have booked your holiday with us, your driver will wait for you despite any unexpected delays in the arrivals lounge. You will have the mobile number of the driver before your journey and you may contact him at any time.

The visa processing fees are as given below for your convenience.

Visa category ETA processing fee
Tourist Visa with Double Entry for 30 days US$ 30
Tourist Visa Single Entry up to 90 days US$ 30
Tourist Visa with Double Entry up to 90 days US$ 30
Business Visa with Multiple Entry for 30 days US$ 30
Business Visa with Single Entry up to 90 days US$ 30
Business Visa with Multiple Entry up to 90 days   US$ 30
Transit Visa Single Entry for 2 days FREE
Transit Visa Single Entry for 3-7 days US$ 20

Note: Children under 12 need a visa but it will be FREE OF CHARGE. Foreign nationals from the Maldives and Singapore are entitled to a free visa. India and other countries from the South Asian Association for Regional Co-operation (SAARC) will be charged a reduced visa admin fee of USD $15 (tourist) and US$25 (business).
On your application, you will get an acknowledgement as below.

Example of acknowledgment – 1st stage

Department of Immigration & Emigration Acknowledgement of ETA application

Dear Richard Ira-Gould,

Your ETA application to visit Sri Lanka has been received.
Your reference number is 111216VI14702345.
You will receive a response for your application within 24 hours.
You may make inquiries only after 24 hours of submission of your ETA application.

For inquiries
Telephone: 0094719967888
Fax: 0094112674631

This is a computer generated notice and carries no signature or seal. Department of Immigration and Emigration Sri Lanka.

It is important to note by experience that the reply can often take considerably longer than the specified 24 hours.

Department of Immigration & Emigration Acknowledgement of ETA application


We are pleased to inform that your application for ETA has been approved.
ETA No: 111220VI1101393
Passport No: xxxxxxxx
Purpose of Travel: Sightseeing, holidaying

Visit Type: Double
Validity of ETA: 21/03/2012
This ETA allows you entry in to Sri Lanka for the purpose mentioned in your application. Please produce your passport together with return air ticket and proof of sufficient funds to the Immigration officer at the port of entry in Sri Lanka. You may be granted 30 days visa on arrival. If you wish to extend your stay in Sri Lanka beyond 30 days, an extension can be obtained. Please visit for more information.

We wish you a pleasant stay in Sri Lanka.
This is a computer-generated notice and carries no signatures or seal.
Thank you.

Department of Immigration and Emigration Sri Lanka.
Thank you for being connected with Sri Lanka Immigration

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ETA?
It is an Electronic Travel Authorization granted online through the web-based visa system implemented by DI&E. (For more info…)

What types of ETA are available?
An ETA is issued only for Short Visits to Sri Lanka for Business purposes, Tourism and Transit purposes.

What is the ETA website?
Please refer to

How should I submit an application?
Please go to the Home Page and click on How to submit an ETA application.

Do I need a ticket before I apply for an ETA?

ETA can be obtained even before booking your ticket.

How do I know if my ETA is still valid for travel to Sri Lanka?
If you have applied for an ETA, you can inquire through this site to find out its current status. You will need to enter your Reference Number in order to make this inquiry. You can also contact our 24/7 dedicated ETA call centre on 0094 71 99 67 888.

How does the airline know that I have a valid visa to travel to Sri Lanka?
ETA is not a pre-condition to board a flight/vessel to Sri Lanka.

Is my personal information safe?
This site operates under the principles outlined in the Privacy Statement. Only the data required to process your application will be collected. It will be used only for this purpose. Data in your ETA application will be stored on our secured servers. Please see the Privacy Statement for more information.

How secure are payments through electronic payment cards (credit card/e-commerce enabled debit cards) on this site?
The payment gateway has been designed in accordance with the international standards.

Which electronic payment cards (credit card/e-commerce enabled debit cards) are accepted?
American Express, Master and Visa cards are only accepted.

What happens if I already possess a valid visa?
If you already possess a valid Residence Visa or Multiple Entry Visa, a fresh ETA application cannot be lodged until that visa expires or is cancelled.

If I already possess a valid ETA, can I apply for a fresh ETA again?
ETA is valid for six months and a fresh ETA cannot be obtained using the same passport until that ETA expires. If you lose the passport which contains the valid ETA you may apply for a fresh ETA by paying the relevant fee again.

Can I apply for a fresh ETA while being in Sri Lanka?
You cannot obtain a fresh ETA while being in Sri Lanka irrespective of whether your ETA is valid or expired.

What happens if my application is not approved?
If your ETA application is not approved, it will be referred to the nearest Sri Lanka Overseas Mission. which you may contact for further assistance.

If my application for ETA was unsuccessful can I get my processing fee back?
It is non-refundable and non-transferable.

What can I do if I make a mistake in my application?
Once an application is submitted processed and payment is made, you cannot cancel the transaction and the payment cannot be reimbursed. Therefore, please ensure that you enter your personal details correctly. If you have made an error, it is important that you correct it before confirmation. Once you have confirmed the details, your electronic payment card (credit card/e-commerce enabled debit card) will be debited for the non-refundable service charge. If you find out later that you have made a mistake, then you will have to submit a fresh application and pay the relevant fee again.