George Steuart Travel / Steuart Holidays, a wholly owned subsidiary of George Steuart & Co. established in 1835 as the first mercantile establishment of Sri Lanka, is committed to sparing no effort to ensure that every one of our holidays is absolutely impeccable. Sri Lanka is a land like no other; you can experience almost everything that the seven continents offer in one tear drop shaped isle. Thus, the varieties of tours along with the services we offer are incomparable and are expertly managed by our dedicated team featuring superior vehicles and professional tour guides.

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Our Team
We are a diverse team with different backgrounds - and this is an integral part of what makes us special. With a mix of experience and dynamic youth, we are driven and passionate about showcasing Sri Lanka to you. So, rest assured we'll be more than willing to answer all your queries and help you have a one-of-a-kind travel experience. Here at Steuart Holidays, we make your dream holiday work!