Living Heritage Koslanda

Escape in to exquisite seclusion at Living Heritage Koslanda. A boutique hotel situated in the hill country region of Sri Lanka, Living Heritage Koslanda is a little wonder if its own. Artfully merging in its mystical surroundings, the hotel is a palace made out of stone.

The serenity of its surrounding is adapted in to the ambience of the accommodation here. The Gatehouse is a Deluxe Room finished with all necessary amenities. This roomy double bed room is laid out in a minimalist chic and preserves an ensuite bathroom and a private garden. An upgraded version of the Gatehouse are the luxury villas. These suites boast of a majestic spaciousness. Featuring a large bedroom, and your own private garden, an outdoor shower and plunge pool, the suite is ready to indulge the honeymooning couple. Guests seeking a refuge to unwind should look no further than Living Heritage Koslanda. Uniting with its intrinsic splendour, the hotel preserves several peaceful spots ideal for the recluse traveller. Looking a paddy field, the infinite pool is best for both a recreational swim or a relaxing dip. Better yet, take a walk in the hotel’s very own forest and be encapsulated by its magical aura by taking a dip in its own waterfall. Spanning acres, the reserve here maintains an interesting bio diversity that includes both flora and fauna, understand your need to explore and immerse in it, pathways have been paved in the jungle. Treating the adventurous visitor, the reserve is a congregational site for the elephants of the region when they are in transition. At a particular period of time, the lucky excursionist can witness these magnificent beasts in their habitat. Internationally celebrated for its unspoiled and breath taking position and its hospitality, Living Heritage Koslanda invites you to find yourself amidst serenity.