Kirchhayn Bungalow

A luxurious accommodation, the Kirchhayn Bungalow is found within the chilly region of Bandarawela, Sri Lanka. Tracing its lineage to the British Colonial Era, the bungalow boasts of a remarkable history interwoven with the changing winds of the local political sphere.

The beautiful bungalow boasts of five deluxe suites. Finished with large four poster bed in the master bedroom, the Bostock Suite is favourite of the recluse traveller. The large French windows, opening to the well-manicured gardens of the bungalows provides for both recreation and relaxation. A suitable or the travelling pair, the Pyman Suite is complete with two queen sized beds. Indulging its lodgers with an uninterrupted view of the gardens is the accurately positioned sitting area of the room.

Pampering holidaymakers with its old-world charm, the Wickwar Suite is an exquisite chalet hosting antique furnishings. Showcasing a selection rare books, cosying up with a great read on a windy night is a definite possibility at the suite. Inviting international to enjoy the breath-taking ambience of the region, the Lushington suite is reserves a large queen sized four poster bed and a separate courtyard entrance.

A popular choice for honeymooners, the Taylor Suite is furnished with lush settings such as a sunken bath and a marble bathroom. An excellent choice for a private getaway, the suite is positioned in secluded area of the estate. Captivating guests with its picturesque surroundings, the Bungalow is situated within the tea district. As a result visitors are able to stroll in acres and acres of rich tea plantations. making further comforts to travellers, the bungalow provides driver accommodations and other facilties