Cricket Tour in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is vastly known for its scenic sites, mouth-watering gastronomy, diverse wild life and the local passion for Cricket! Since the local inception of the sport in the 1830s, the country has held a prominent place in the world of cricket, making it the most sought out game in the country with international recognition. Currently, Sri Lanka is one of the twelve nations that partake in test matches and one of the five nations that have secured a Cricket World Cup.

On Request
Our sports tour specialists will provide you the best tour, with a wide range of opportunities and facilities. Give yourself the chance to be a part of an unforgettable tour, in which our professionals will attend to all your needs, offering you their esteemed service at every corner along the way.
Services and facilities which are available for you -
  • Accommodation
  • Transport
  • Cricket matches with the best domestic teams
  • Cricket matches at famous international cricket venues
  • Tours to the international cricket venues
  • Visits to the most important destinations – excursions and sightseeing
  • Cricket practice sessions
  • Meals and beverages

Apart from the above, any other facilities can be provided according to your needs and wants.