The famous Dutch fort located facing the panting waves of the Indian Ocean

The Last Bastion of the Dutch
Located facing the panting waves of the Indian Ocean; Galle Fort has been disturbed with natural disasters such as Tsunami.

Although the name says else, the construction of the fort was started by Portuguese during their empowerment in the country since it was the place where they arrived Sri Lanka. Although the Portuguese convinced the king that this was built for the protection of the country, the fort became a prison to the native Sri Lankans who rebelled against cruel empowerment of Portuguese.

Galle Fort was a hots pot of trade among Arabic, Chinese and Greek vendors. Declared as a World Heritage site by UNESCO and being famous for its exclusive features such as Galle Fort Temple, lighthouse, Mosque, Old Dutch Hostel, Maritime Museum, Maritime Archaeological Museum, Galle Fort Library, Anglican Church and Dutch Reformed Church Galle Fort is often visited by locals and foreigners for numerous purposes.

The fort was used as a location for many movies, Tele dramas and music videos. Many professional photographers make the fort their subject of activity and many leisure lovers from dawn to the sinking of sun stroll around witnessing the beauty of the fort. The place is good for jogging, riding, walking, picnics and thousand other things that will make it a happy time for you and your family. Under many rains in day and night, the famous Galle Fort still remains as a strong monument undisturbed by the good and bad times the shores had gone through.
The Fort Printers
The hotel is complete with three villas and thirteen rooms. Distinctive from its regal exterior, the suites at the hotel are designed in minimalist luxury.
Evening View of a Hotel in Galle
Galle Fort Hotel
The award-winning Galle Fort Hotel combines heritage and luxury to offer the ultimate getaway. As its name insinuates, the hotel is found in inviting seclusion in the Galle Fort, Sri Lanka.