Fondly referred as ‘Una’ by locals, the lively coastal city of Unawatuna is a popular hot spot in the district of Galle, Sri Lanka. A preferred holiday destination of the international traveller, Unawatuna is mostly about having a ton of fun under the sun.

Merging history with myth, the coastal city of Unawatuna plays an important role in the Ramayana myth. It is believed that the warrior God Hanuman went to India to bring some herbs back for Lakshman, who had been hurt in his attempt to save Sita from Ravana. Unable to identify the precise herbs he needed, Hanuman lifted the entire mountain and had taken it to Sri Lanka. On his journey, a portion of the mountain fell-out. Today this portion is believed to be Unawatuna roughly translating to ‘fell-down’.

In history, the importance of Unawatuna surfaces during the Colonial era of the country. The primary focus of the European powers was the coastal regions of the country, as a result Unawatuna came in to the vested interest of the colonists. After seizing power from the Portuguese, the Dutch settled in strategically vital regions, this included Unawatuna.

Even today there are remnants of Colonial settlement.
Attractions in Unawatuna

Here at Unawatuna you can unwind and bask in the glorious features of a tropical region, and explore some impressive sites.

Jungle Beach
An exquisite and nearly isolated spot in Unawatuna, Jungle Beach is ideal for a romantic getaway. The friendly waters of the beach makes it to be idyllic for a refreshing dip. One of the most important features here is its tranquil panorama.

Yatagala Rajamaha Viharaya
Boasting of over 2000 years of rich heritage, the Yatagala Rajamaha Viharaya was established during King Devanampiyatissa’s reign. Since then, the sacred premises have received restoration from past kingdoms. During King Parakramabahu the IIs reign, a reclining statue of Lord Buddha was built here. It is important to note that one of the first saplings of the Anuradhapura Bodhiya is planted here.

Japanese Peace Pagoda
In reverence to the enigmatic tale of Hanuman and his relations with Unwatuna, the Japanese Peace Pagoda stands as grand and symbolic edifice. Representing the Mahayana faction of Buddhism, the Pagoda is a lovely expedition for the culture thirsty traveller.

Swethamalee Chaitya
Constructed on a small hill, the Swethamlee Chaitya is an important site for devotees. Especially during the month of Esala, thousands of devotees gather here to offer worship. Many pilgrims are cultivators and they bring a portion of their produce ass offerings for the deities here.

Eco Excursions
Unwatauna invites the globetrotter to explore its natural splendour. Be it land or sea, the region has much to indulge the curious wanderer. The marshy area of the Rumassala Hill is a favourite of Bird Watchers, as there a number of inhabitant and visiting birds here. Off the coast of Unwatuna there is also a vivid range for marine life including coral scape for you to view!

The Fort Printers
The hotel is complete with three villas and thirteen rooms. Distinctive from its regal exterior, the suites at the hotel are designed in minimalist luxury.
Evening View of a Hotel in Galle
Galle Fort Hotel
The award-winning Galle Fort Hotel combines heritage and luxury to offer the ultimate getaway. As its name insinuates, the hotel is found in inviting seclusion in the Galle Fort, Sri Lanka.