Temple of the Tooth

One of the most celebrated temples in the country, the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic is situated in the heart of the City of Kandy, Sri Lanka. Maintaining over 500 years of rich history, the Sri Dalada Maligawa bears a significant role even today. The most intriguing feature of the temple is that it houses the sacred tooth relic.

Since inception, the sacred tooth relic plays a vital role in politics because it is believed that whoever who holds custody of the sacred tooth relic is said to rule the country. The sacred tooth relic is housed in seven caskets made out of gold and engraved with precious stones. Detecting over two thousand years of history, the tooth can be traced to the Anuradhapura Kingdom. It has been the centre of bitter royal rivalries and has witnessed administrative change with each transitioning kingdom.

Celebrating its magnitude, the Kandy Esala Perhara takes place every year. A tradition that has a heritage of over 300 years, the procession is a magnificent sight for spectators. Complete with dancers, drummers, nobles and elephants, the Perhara is firmly embedded in local culture. The most dazzling sight here is the sacred casket carried by a noble born elephant during the procession. Another significant element of the temple is its marvellous architecture. The temple is part of the former royal palace compound, and displays intricate designs relevant to that period. At the entrance or the Mahawalkada of the temple is the Moonstoon. The interior bearing artistic motifs common to the Kandyan era is a treat for the viewer. Enhancing their experience, the murals painted on the ceiling is a spectacular sight for any art lover.

Intensifying the beauty of the complex is the Audience Hall or Magul Maduwa and the Royal Palace, adjacent to the temple of the tooth. Ensure that you include this in your visit as well.