Gangaramaya Temple

Deemed to be one of the most significant temples in Sri Lanka, the Gangaramaya Temple is located in the heart of Colombo, its capital. For over a century the temple is a place of worship and counsel for most of the Buddhists living here in the city.

Placed in the centre of the Beira Lake, its serene atmosphere complete with Buddha statues erected alongside its pathway. Its most picturesque moment is at night, when the temple glitters majestically on its waters. A treat for both local and non-locals, the temple is not only valued for its visual splendour and its sacred mission, but also for its collection of artefacts. Over the years, the temple has gathered valuable articles that depict the rich heritage of the country that can be viewed in a museum.

Another important factor about the Gangaramaya Temple is its key role in the Navam Perehara, an annual tradition that takes place in February. It is grandiose spectacle, full of colour is complete with elephants, dancers, drummers and flag bearers. The most breathtaking sight here is the elephant carrying the casket that contains the sacred hair relic on its back.

Maintaining an impressive library, the temple also functions as a centre for learning. In addition, it provides facilities of a meditation centre and as a centre for Indigenous Medicine Practices. More importantly, the Gangaramaya Temple is noted by international travellers to be warm and gracious to their visitors.