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Best of Sri Lanka

Introducing Sri Lanka

Best of Sri Lanka


Sri-Lanka is located in Indian Ocean between 5 and 10 degrees North & 79 and 2 degrees East. The Polk Straits about 35 km separates India and Sri-Lanka. Geographically a greater part of Sri-Lanka belongs to the pre Cambrian Period (over 600 million years old) and in the North West there are deposits of Miocene Limestone.

Area is about 65 609 sq.km (25 000 sq. miles) and maximum length is (point Pedro to Dondra or North to South) 434 km and maximum breadth is (Colombo to Sangamankanda or East to South) 227 km.


Sri-Lanka can be divided into Central Highland and surroundings low lands. Central Highlands is divided into central Range and plateaus and Hillside. The central Range is located in the middle of the country in the shape of an anchor with the highest peaks. E.g. Pidurutalagala 2525 m, Kirigalpththa 2396. There are three plateau namely, Hatton, Welimada and Kandy.

On the south of the central highlands is the southern platform and  Eastern is in the East. The south west of the central highland is the Sabaragamuwa foothills and in the north east is the Knuckles range.


As Sri-Lanka is close to the equator, it has a tropical climate. It’s rainfall mainly from two monsoons, south West and North and East Monsoon. The south and West of the island called wet zone and the rest of the island belongs to dry zone.

Due to the altitude the central highlands are cooler than surrounding plains

There are no seasonal variations except that there is a wet season and relatively dry season.

Cultural Sights of Sri Lanka

  • Anuradhapura
  • Polonnaruwa
  • Sigiriya
  • Dambulla Cave Temple

National Parks in Sri Lanka

  • Yala National Park
  • Sinharaja Forest Reserve
  • Minnariya National Park
  • Udawalawe National Park

Waterfalls in Sri-Lanka

Sri-Lanka in comparison to its size has perhaps the largest number of waterfalls of any country in the world. They constitute about a hundred, some of the great height and others only a few meters. Perhaps no country has neglected its waterfalls as much as Sri-Lanka. As many as ten of the waterfalls are so known that they are in jungles without even a foot-path leading to them. The vegetation round many falls has been denuded. Sri-Lanka’s highest waterfall, the Bambarakande Fall (263 m), a sight of the most exquisite beauty is still known only to a few , even though it is a bare 4 miles off the main road form Colombo to Bandarawela. Many still believe that Diyaluma (220m) is the highest waterfall in Sri-Lanka.

There are 52 major waterfalls. The tallest of which are

  • Bambarakanda  –  240 m
  • Kurundu oya – 186m
  • Diyaluma  – 177m
  • Laxapana – 115m
  • Ramboda – 100m
  • Devon – 86m
  • St. clare’s – 73m
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