Sri Lankan Gastronomical Extravaganza

07th March 2019
Steuart Holidays Blog

Let your taste buds party like never before by taking our 10-point gastronomical extravaganza.

Isso Wade – steaming hot and just out of the pan, Isso Wade is the face of Sri Lankan Street Food. This disc-shaped looking fried delights remains loyal to its name and is embedded with a sizeable shrimp. Isso Wade is freely sold at Galle Face.

Kottu – shreds of savoury pita like bread tossed in curry and spices to a noisy yet rhythmical sound is one of the two reasons that Kottu is amazing. The other is, of course, is its taste. Pillawoos Chicken and Cheese Kottu are what you need to have.

Nana’s Rotis – the stretch of Galle Face is complete with street delights that are ready to tantalise your taste buds. One of these gorgeous delights are Roti’s, a flatbread freshly prepared can be eaten with a few flavoursome curries.

Wattalapam – if there was a sign that Sri Lanka has embraced its multicultural persona it’s the common love for this pudding called Wattalapam. This Jaggery based sweet treat is a traditional dessert at every Muslim festivity in the country. The New Banana Leaf is rumoured to serve a yummy bowl of Wattalapam.

Kebabs – head towards to the far end of Colombo, Slave Island for some meaty delights. Burger’s King, a little restaurant on the side road makes the best of skewers. Freshly cut meat, beef essentially is skewered and grilled to scrumptious perfection.

Biriyani – if you are at the New Banana Leaf trying out some Wattalapam ensure that you first order a portion of Biriyani. Rich in taste, Biriyani is a spice-infused savoury rice. To complement the rice and to enhance your eating experience, Biriyani is generally served with a curd based salad ‘Raita’ and a piece of roast chicken.

Crab Curry – spicy yet not chilli hot, the crab curry at Yaal Restaurant in Wellawatte is a dish for the cultivated seafood lover. It’s perhaps the best Jaffna Crab Curry you can find in the commercial capital of Colombo. What you do need is a good flatbread or even a small loaf of toasted bread to really enjoy this fragrant curry.

Achcharu – this fruit-based tangy treat whose name you are probably spending time pronouncing is a taste bud teaser. Tossed in a vinegar and a selection of spices, Achcharu is at best a pickled fruit salad. Mangoes, Guava, and Olives are just few of the many fruits us Sri Lankans love to make Achcharu. Pettah is where you get good value for money Achcharu. 

Hoppers – we call it ‘appa’ and we dip it in curry and eat it with a spicy sambol called ‘Lunu Miris’. Hoppers are circular and half bowl-shaped, and generally plain in taste. But the egg hopper which obviously maintains an egg in the middle is a heavier treat for the tummy. For the ultimate hopper experience head to Taste of Asia in Bambalapitiya for a vivid selection of hoppers. We strongly encourage you to try their Milk Hopper and their Jaggery Hopper for dessert.

Manioc Chips – take a break from your potato chips and bite into a handful of freshly prepared crispy Tapioca Chips. They are also Cassava Chips and unlike the packeted ones you find in the store, the Chips at Galle Face come in different shapes. You can munch on the French fry shapes Cassava or the circular shaped one and more