The Galleries of Sapumal Foundation

07th March 2019
Steuart Holidays Blog

A retreat for any culture thirsty traveller, the Galleries of Sapumal Foundation is one of the finest art galleries in Sri Lanka. Situated at Barnes Place, the Gallery is a haven for those seeking refuge from the hustle and bustle of the commercial capital.

Housing over 100 paintings the gallery is of unequivocal historical relevance. Prior to being converted into a gallery, it was the home of a prominent cultural figure Harry Pieris. An artist himself, Harry Pieris was a member of the coveted 43’ group. The group consisted of Sri Lanka’s most prominent 20th-century artists. This includes Richard Gabriel, George Keyt, LTP Manjusiri, Ivan Pieris, Lionel Wendt, Geoffrey Beling, George Claessen, Aubrey Collette, and Justin Pieris Daraniyagala.

The gallery features works from this prestigious group. Adding to its prestige is the impressive Collection of Keyts (perhaps the most famous Sri Lankan painter), an elusive range of scintillating black and white photographs by Lionel Wendt, and a series of hilarious caricatures by Bewis Bawa. Indulging visitors with its antiquated aura, the interior preserves many of the furniture that Harry Peiris and his family had used while they occupied the house. Therefore, it is safe to say that house cum gallery is also an exquisite treasure trove of antiques.

Another soulful delight about the foundation is the Gardens at the foundation. The well-manicured garden enhances the tranquil aura of the estate.

To this date, it is the only establishment that houses mid-century Sri Lankan art that is open to the public. A must visit especially on your Colombo city tour, the galleries of the Sapumal Foundation provides for the ideal aesthetic retreat.