Preserving a charming coastal line that is conducive for bathing nearly the entire year, Beruwala, Sri Lanka is an idyllic retreat for beach loving traveller. Situated in the district of Kalutara, the exotic city is placed a little over an hour away from Colombo. Establishing itself as one of the foremost holiday destinations in the country, Beruwala boasts of impressive infrastructure and roadways.

Due to its advantageous position, Beruwala has been a longstanding city of trade since early times. As a result, it is believed that the earliest Arab traders arrived here. The Muslims of the country can trace their lineage to the middle eastern traders who arrived here and Beruwala is believed to be the first settlement in Sri Lanka. Even today, many of the gem merchants in Sri Lanka are from here or at the very least can trace their ancestry to the region.
Attractions in Beruwala

Beruwala has an established reputation for watersports. Snorkelling, swimming, wind sailing, wind surfing and more are a possibility here.

Kechimalai Mosque
A cultural attraction of great importance, the Kechimalai Mosque is one of the oldest mosques in Sri Lanka. Boasting of an antiquity of a thousand years or more, the mosque stands is a beautiful structure. Its white exterior is darkened only with its green coloured doorways.

Barberyn Lighthouse
Situated on an offshore island, the Barberyn Lighthouse is a delightful attraction in Beruwala. Deriving its name from the island it is constructed on, the Lighthouse was completed in 1889. Over 100 ft. in height, the lighthouse is one of the four international Lighthouses in Sri Lanka.

Beruwala Harbour
If you like to experience the hustle and bustle of a busy harbour, then head to the Beruwala Harbour. Placed a little over ten minutes from the main town, the harbour is best visited early in the morning.

Visitors will be able to view the docking of trawlers and boats, bringing in the catch of the day.

Kande Viharaya
Found in the quiet city of Aluthgama, the Kande Viharaya traces its ancestry to 1734. The sacred premises are finished with a large seated Lord Buddha statue, a Bo tree, an image house and more. The vats interior also preserves a recently formed library that contains a rare collection of books.

The China Fort Gem Market
A trade that traces its origins since nearly the very beginning of the settlement of the Arab traders in Sri Lanka, the gem business is embedded in the culture of Beruwala. This hub of Gems is where Gem merchants display and sell an authentic range of precious and semi-precious stones. If you wish to clear any doubts about your investment, there are certified qualified valuation experts who will assist you to evaluate before purchase.