Poised on the southern edge of the Hill Country, Haputale is found in the district of Badulla, Sri Lanka. Preserving a distinct bio diversity, the region is a haven for trekkers. Mesmerising the globe trotter, Haputale hosts a spectacular landscape complete with vast tea estates, landscaped gardens and a transient hill side.

Linked with the history of the Hill Country, Haputale maintains a diverse culture. During the British Colonial era, tea was established as a commercial crop. The ideal climate and conducive land was the Hill Country for the cultivation of this crop. As a result, Haputale became a significant contributor to the global production of tea.

There are many highlights that indicates its importance during the British Colonial period. The primary one being its buildings still resembling the architecture of yesteryear England.
Attractions in Haputale

The cool ambience of Haputale provides for an excellent break from the tropical heat of the commercial capital, Colombo.

Adisham Bungalow
A beautiful country house adjacent to Haputale, Adisham Bungalow is one of the oldest colonial refuges in the region. The architecture is influenced by the Jacobean and Tudor structural style. Interesting enough, the estate belonged to the former chairman of George Steuart and Co – the oldest mercantile company in Sri Lanka.

Lipton’s Seat
One of the longstanding symbols of the economic prowess of the British Colonists, the Lipton’s Seat is highlight of Haputale. It is believed that the great Tea Mogul and planter, John Lipton had sat on this seat and had looked over his plantations.
Thangmale Bird Sanctuary
A thrill for the nature loving globe trotter, the Thangmale Bird Sanctuary is an enchanting excursion. Roughly translated to the ‘Golden Mountain’, the area has been identified as a protected area. There are a number of birds of various species including blue magpies, mini-verts hornbills, golden orioles haunting the area, a camera is a necessity.

St Andrews Church
A picturesque church, and is perhaps the oldest in the district of Badulla. Consecrated in 1869 the Anglican church unfolds a story of its own. A feature of this church is its grave stones that provides useful insight of the selected lives of a colonial past.

Melheim Resort
Picture perfect and intimate, the Melheim Haputale is a boutique hotel found in the peaceful settings of Badulla, Sri Lanka. Vividly illustrating its surroundings, the hotel formed with rocks enhances the distinctive beauty of the region.