Pasikudah – The Exquisite East Coast

Beach, Adventure

An exquisite beach based in the East Coast of Sri Lanka, Pasikudah is the ultimate exotic holiday. One of the most inviting features in the district of Batticaloa is the spectacular shoreline of Pasikudah. The sparkling blue waters of the ocean and the soft marble dust like sand is just what you need to unwind in complete bliss.

Positioned a little over 30km from the Batticaloa Town, the beautiful beach is paradise on earth. Preserving one of the shallowest coastlines in the world, Pasikudah is one of the friendliest beaches in Sri Lanka. The crystalline waters of the ocean invites the intrepid traveller to plunge in and wade in its kind waves. The bay here is curved in shape and the affable shoreline is 2km in length. However, the waters are best swum in during the period of May - September. But if it’s only an escape to somewhere secluded you seek, then the months between November and April should do.

Complete with many resorts, Pasikudah provides to be the idyllic beach holiday for native and global holidaymakers.
Attractions in Pasikudah

Pasikudah is all about leisure. Just unwind on its shores and spend your vacation in divine happiness! If you want to savour your heavenly retreat a little more, do take to engaging a few aquatic sports. It will be fun!

Snorkelling & Diving
Blessed with a range of vivid coral life, Pasikudah is a delicious treat for adventurous traveller. You can dive or snorkel to explore the marine life here. Diving is a specialised affair and requires a license. However, if you do not own a valid diving license, then snorkel up! There are shacks right on the beach that rent the gear and the instructor on an hourly rate.

The Pasikudah season is for the adrenaline pumped surfer! The sea here boasts of a number of breaks and because of its shallow waters, it’s the ideal breeding ground for an amateur surfer.

An ideal cardio for your vacation, canoeing is the way to get your necessary workout. You can also explore the vast and beautiful seascape of Pasikudah by paddling on its sapphire waters.

Uga Bay
Boasting of an idyllic position, the beautiful resort is a heavenly sight for holidaymakers. At night, underneath the starry skies, the hotel glows in hues of blue in the dark.
Amaya Beach
A haven located on the shores of Passikudah, Sri Lanka Amaya Passikudah is one of the finest beach resorts in the country.