A well-known holiday destination situated in the south, Weligama is found in the district of Matara, Sri Lanka. Requiring a mere two and half hour drive from Colombo, the city is a popular haunt for day-trippers. Roughly translated to “Sandy-Village”, Weligama boasts of a picturesque shoreline.

The importance of Weligama as a tourist destination started in the early part of 80’s. However, what has fascinated both native and global traveller is the adjacent islet of Taprobane. Originally addressed as Galduwa, or Rock Island the islet of Taprobane is an interesting attraction in Weligama. This little island was initially owned by Count de Mauny, a guest of the famous tea mogul Sir Thomas Lipton. Enhancing its charm, Weligama has started to foster a name for surfing. Hosting a number of breaks, the coast of Weligama is a favourite of the novice surfer.
Attractions in Weligama

Enriching its picturesque coast, there are number of unique attractions that delight visitors.

Agrabodhi Vihara
the Weligama Agrabodhi Raja Maha Viharaya is believed to have been constructed during King Devanampiyatissa’s era. The Bodhivamsa informs us that the Bo sapling that was planted here was from the sacred Maha Bodhi.

Fisherman on stilts
An enthralling sight for the global holidaymaker, viewing the fisherman on stilts are an enigmatic sight. It’s a genuine occurrence and perhaps the most breath-taking moments happen during the rising sun, when the sky dazzles in all its technicolour hues.

Kushta Raja Gala
An invigorating site for the culture thirsty vacationer, the nearly 10 ft high statue has also being identified as the Leper King. Story unveils that a king of this region was plagued with leprosy, and to cure himself he had consumer coconut pulp and coconut water for three months. After he was cured, he in gratitude commissioned the construction of this statue.

Taprobane Island
A trip to Weligama cannot be completed without an excursion to the infamous Taprobane Island. tempting you further is the fact that international pop singer Kylie Minogue stayed here. Written by her, the song Taprobane (Extraordinary Day) is about her stay here.

Make your day in Weligama a little more exciting and take up surfing. The kind waters of the Weligama beach offers the amateur surfer a number of breaks. An ideal location to practise your fancy board moves, the experience surfer will enjoy the shore as well.