Belonging to the picturesque Hill Country, Bandarawela is situated in the district of Badulla, Sri Lanka. An important member of the tea producing province, Bandarawela encompasses a number of tea plantations. The cool winds coupled with acres of lush greenery including beautiful landscaped gardens, Bandarawela is a haven in this tropical island.

According to folklore, King Walagamba of the Anuradhapura period had organised his armies in Bandarawela before going to battle with the hostile invaders ‘Solli’. However, its importance started to grow during the British Colonial Era.

The Hill Country preserved a conducive weather for the growth of tea as a commercial crop. As a result, Bandarawela today has become one of the primary tea producing regions in Sri Lanka. The exquisite architecture found in the city reminisce old English cottages and manors.

During World War II, numerous people in Colombo migrated to Bandarawela. Accordingly, many prestigious schools in Colombo moved to Bandarawela such as Royal College, St Thomas’s College and Vishaka Vidyala.
Attractions in Bandarawela

A favourite of the native and the international traveller, Bandarawela has an established reputation for being a unique holiday destination.

Dowa Rock Temple
Positioned a few kilometres from the Bandarawela Town, the Dowa Rock Temple is home to a large unfinished statue of Lord Buddha. Verifying that Bandarawela was a sanctuary for King Walagamba, the statue is believed to have been sculpted by the King himself.

Take stroll around the vicinity and enjoy the breath taking views of Bandarawela. Enhancing its natural splendour are the well-manicured gardens found here. Remember to carry your camera or at least ensure your phone is fully charged because the scenery here is indeed picture perfect.

St Anthony’s Church
One of the most beautiful structures in Bandarawela, St Anthony’s Church is a visual delight. Using materials such as rock and granite, the church emulates a parish a found in a cosy village. The church is believed to be 60 years in age.
Fresh Vegetables

A must for the food loving traveller, fresh vegetables are an important feature of Bandarawela. The cold weather is favourable for the growth of vegetables such as beetroot, carrot, cabbage and cauliflower. If your lodgings require you to provide rations, look no further than the vegetable stalls in Bandarawela.

Swimming Pool in a Hotel in Bandarawela
Kirchhayn Bungalow
The beautiful bungalow boasts of five deluxe suites. Finished with large four poster bed in the master bedroom, the Bostock Suite is favourite of the recluse traveller.
Luxury Rooms in Bandarawela
Bandarawela Hotel
Set amidst the cool winds of the hill country, The Bandarawela Hotel is picturesque delight for holidaymakers. Found in the district of Badulla, Sri Lanka, the hotel preserves an old-world charm in its architecture.